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After service, most marketing companies and agencies move onto their next client. At FMK Media LLC we look forward to continuing and strengthening the relationships we build while servicing you. 

fmk media lLC is a growing chicago and southland company that creates digital media and marketing materials for local business owners and entrepreneurs!

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Currently servicing all of Chicagoland areas, FMK Media LLC specializes in taking businesses to the next level, using specific branding techniques, social media management and video marketing solutions to advertise your business.

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about fmk media llc

FMK Media LLC was founded by Felice M. Kimbrew; a Digital Media Expert, Producer, Video Production Specialist & Social Media Manager. 

It is a digital media marketing solution brand that serves small businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and organizations with quality solution to your marketing needs.

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Why hire us?


We believe in quality over quantity. We’ve been fortunate to work with companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and municipalities that yearn for curated content.

Modern Equipment

Industry standard, nothing less! We are continuing to expand and grow our equipment, based on our client’s needs. All equipment used in each of our services, depend on the project detail and specifications of each request.

A+ Quality

No matter how small, or how big, we continue to provide high quality experiences in additional to serving professional experience along the way. 


We have been granted the opportunity to work with a range of different types of clients, continue to expand our clientele, and build stronger and professional relationships along the way.

Art direction

We provide art direction and concept for every theory that comes our way. Let us help you come up with a vision that best represents you.


Our clients love us, which is why they come back! We’re always looking to connect with new clients, and collaborating with companies to provide content quarterly, annually, and at the client’s request.

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