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Felice made history, as the first woman to graduate from the Media Studies program at Governors State University in 2016, and started working with a local programming station directly after graduation. Felice’s skills, content, and the use of the software helped move the channel in a direction that the Village had never seen. Working with the Village was a great experience for Felice. She worked on political campaigns with the Mayor of Hazel Crest, worked political events, networked with local politicians, taught a Television Production class with the summer youth program and created a reputation in the Southland for the youngest Media Coordinator in the South Suburbs.


Although the experience was a great entry way for Felice, her obligation limited her from expanding her true purpose. It wasn’t until January of 2019 that she decided to depart from the Village, and pursue her dream of starting her own media company, and working with small businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations to provide content for their streams.

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FMK Media is looking for talented individuals ready to join our team. If you are looking for opportunities to learn and work in areas of photography, videography and graphic design, please reach out to us! We have slots for everyone!

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